Road Safety Management
Slovak version


According to the demand of the main road contractor we assure with our partners the upper road construction from road design, engineering, temporary work zone assembly, up to the final realization of the permanent upper road situation supervised by our own construction supervisor. As upper road we consider:

  • Vertical traffic signs
  • Pavement marking
  • Traffic devices
  • Safety fences
  • Railing
  • Sign constructions
  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • Noise barriers
  • Lightning
Road Infrastructure

The objective of RSM is to create direct contact with the main contractor on the construction and to select individual components so that for the upper road construction is responsible single company with own construction supervisor reporting directly to the main supervisor. The goal of such a consolidation is to simplify and harmonize activities on the construction in the final stage and at the same time to not exceed the individual components budget routinely collected by the main contractor separately.

Black spot solutions

For road authorities we select and design solution of the Black spots together with related documentation. In compliance with request of the road authority we propose solution and realization with or without construction works. Some of the realized projects are in the picture gallery.

Traffic studies and legislation

Part of our activities in the field of road infrastructure is also the work on traffic studies needed for realization or assessment of the road construction effect on traffic safety. In parallel we are also honored to actively participate on development of Slovak legislation, in road safety working groups and harmonization of European norms with Slovak norms.