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Who we are?

Road Safety Management is consulting and trading company established in 2008 with the focus on business consultancy, intermediation, traffic engineering and legislation development in specific fields of road infrastructure and sales of measuring devices.

In the field of road infrastructure we are specifically focused on activities and materials related to upper road construction, black spots solutions, traffic studies and legislation. For the segment of mandatory heavy vehicle equipment we mediate either direct contact with the producer or assist to find the most suitable distributor in your area. For both segments (road infrastructure and heavy vehicles) is essential also the inspection of retroreflective quality. For this purpose we distribute retroreflective measuring devices commonly used in authorized certification laboratories, by road authorities or within internal production quality control.




traffic studies

    projection activity      

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Road communications

According to the requirements of the main contractor, we will ensure through our business partners the upper construction from designing, engineering, realization of jobs on the road to the final implementation of the permanent status of the upper construction with its own construction supervision. Under construction, we mean:

  • vertical traffic signs,
  • horizontal traffic signs,
  • traffic devices,
  • road steel barriers,
  • Shock absorbers and EA ending terminals,
  • portal large-scale constructions,
  • intelligent traffic system,
  • noise barriers,
  • lighting.

critical accident areas

We can identify and address critical accident areas with related documentation as required by the administrator and propose solutions and implement or without a fused modifications.

Štúdie a legislatíva

One of our activities in the field of roads is also the work on traffic studies needed for the implementation or assessment of the impact of road construction on traffic safety. At the same time, we have the honor to actively participate in the creation of Slovak legislation, harmonization of European standards with Slovak and commenting on technical regulations.

Vertical traffic signs

Horizontal traffic signs

Traffic devices

Road steel barriers

Intelligent traffic system

Variable traffic signs

Traffic analytics

Analytical activity

  • acost-benefit analysis,
  • analysis of traffic accidents and prognoses,
  • identification of critical accident areas,
  • traffic counting,
  • application for a non-refundable financial contribution.

For road managers or private companies, we prepare cost-benefit analyzes (CBAs) to assess road infrastructure funding and produce related documentation for submitting a Non-Refund Application from the current operational program.

We have traffic accident statistics based on which we can identify critical accident sites according to different methodologies and predict accident rates based on historical data. Based on traffic census, traffic surveys, emissions and traffic accidents, we will create an economic and financial assessment of the feasibility of buildings and return on funds.

In co-operation with forensic experts in the field of transport road and technical condition of roads we can also carry out road safety inspection in accordance with Act No. 249/2011 Coll. and its implementing decree.


Road Safety Management, Ltd.

Ing. Vladimír Masaryk
managing director

Slovak republic

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